Making the Case for Drilling

August 15, 2008

ANWR in pictures.

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Blowback from the Invasion?

August 15, 2008

U.S., Poland Reach Agreement on Missile Defense. I wonder who this comment, from the Polish Foreign Minister, is directed at? “‘Only people of ill intent should fear this agreement.'”

In the News Today

August 14, 2008

Swedish restaurants soon “allergy free”

Is nothing sacred? Board game Clue has been given a facelift which has killed off its famous characters.

Only suspended? Good thing for them they work for the government. Sex session at work gets council workers suspended.

And, finally, Julia Child was a spy.


August 14, 2008

Victor Davis Hanson:

what a richer but more critical world has forgotten is that in large part America was the model, not the villain — and that postwar globalization was always a form of engaged Americanization that enriched and protected billions.

Yet globalization, in all its manifestations, will run out of steam the moment we tire of fueling it, as the world returns instead to the mindset of the 1930s — with protectionist tariffs; weak, disarmed democracies; an isolationist America; predatory dictatorships; and a demoralized gloom-and-doom Western elite.

If America adopts the protectionist trade policies of Japan or China, global profits plummet. If our armed forces follow the European lead of demilitarization and inaction, rogue states advance. If we were to treat the environment as do China and India, the world would become quickly a lost cause.

If we flee Iraq and call off the war on terror, Islamic jihadists will regroup, not disband. And when the Russians attack the next democracy, they won’t listen to the United Nations, the European Union, or Michael Moore.

Brace yourself — we may be on our way back to an old world, where the strong do as they will, and the weak suffer as they must.

Not a pleasant vision.