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July 31, 2011

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British anti-Americanism ‘based on misconceptions’

August 18, 2008

It is an article of faith on the left is that foreigners are better-informed about the US than Americans are about their countries. Thus, Americans’ negative attitudes about foreign countries are due to their ignorance and anti-Americanism abroad is a result of informed disaffection with the US. As with most such articles, this one has a tenuous relationship to reality.

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Quote of the Day

August 18, 2008

Kobe Bryant on patriotism:

Collinsworth: Where does the patriotism come from inside of you? Historically, what is it?

Kobe: Well, you know it’s just our country, it’s… we believe is the greatest country in the world. It has given us so many great opportunities, and it’s just a sense of pride that you have; that you say ‘You know what? Our country is the best!’

Collinsworth: Is that a ‘cool’ thing to say, in this day and age? That you love your country, and that you’re fighting for the red, white and blue? It seems sort of like a day gone by.

Kobe: No, it’s a cool thing for me to say. I feel great about it, and I’m not ashamed to say it. I mean, this is a tremendous honor.

This has been reported at least a thousand other places. But what hasn’t been is that this isn’t something new for Bryant.

Bryant put winning a gold medal above winning the Larry O’Brien trophy or MVP honors because “you’re playing for your country. You’re not playing for a region, a state … you’re playing for the United States of America and that has more importance.”

In the News Today

August 18, 2008

Say it ain’t so. Communists deceive.

Is there nothing left to believe in anymore? Fighting corruption is hard going in New Orleans.

More housing doom and gloom, but this time with glimmers.

This isn’t such a light-hearted story as it at first appears. “Australian media say a lost humpback whale calf has bonded with a yacht it seems to think is its mother.”

In the News Today

August 15, 2008

The Invisible Man could become a reality.

What’s the black stuff on Kerri Walsh’s shoulder?

Could everything we know be wrong? Octopuses (octopi?) don’t have eight arms. They have six arms and two legs.

Finally, other studies show that water is wet, the sun is hot, and beer goggles are real.*

In the News Today

August 14, 2008

Swedish restaurants soon “allergy free”

Is nothing sacred? Board game Clue has been given a facelift which has killed off its famous characters.

Only suspended? Good thing for them they work for the government. Sex session at work gets council workers suspended.

And, finally, Julia Child was a spy.